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A turnkey league solution for youth esports programs to compete at any level of competitive gaming.

Safety and Collegiality

No toxicity. No "Bad Manners". No language or actions that devalue inclusivity. Professionalism is built into the mission of Valhallan Esports League.

Cost Effective

We focus on team-based costs similar to traditional sports in our efforts to legitimize competitive gaming. Our fees work out to a substantially lower cost-per-player than all other youth or scholastic esports programs.

Support for Teams

Valhallan Esports League maintains a staff that has around-the-clock coverage of league Discord, where our ticketing support system is built-in to the culture of the league. When an emergency arises at game time, you won't be left wondering what to do. But support is more than answering tickets--it's facilitating development and growth! Our staff is made of current and previous esports program runners who are available to provide you guidance. We have vendor relationships we are happy to bridge among communities. And, most importantly, we have partnerships with companies like Stay Plugged In to help bring college scholarship focused events to VHEL and its players every season.

Divisions Matter

We create divisional play based on two key components: Region Time and Rank. Instead of a massive swiss pool of play across several weeks of a season, we generate round-robin divisions of eight that are comprised of teams at your skill level to hone in on competitive matches. Highest performing teams will then move into single-elimination playoff brackets with other division winners of similar rank. This format allows for a traditional sports approach to competitive gaming, where teams can get to know their opponents season-over-season and build those traditional rivalries that hype players so much!

Game Days


Fortnite Duos & Minecraft Bedwars

4:30pm PT


Smash: Ultimate & Overwatch 2

4:30pm PT || 4:30pm ET


Apex Legends, Fortnite Squads & Rocket League

4:30pm PT || 4:30pm ET (Rocket League Only)


VALORANT & League of Legends

4:30pm PT || 4:30pm ET

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